UIS Power Handler™

Changing the way large pipelines and ductings are handled and manoeuvred on and off site.

55 - 180 mm (1)

UIS Power Handler™

The UIS Power Handler is a safer and more compliant way of handling large diameter GRE, HDPE pipe, Ducting’s, Carbon Steel/Ductile Iron and Concrete Pipes.

With the UIS Power Handler™ excavator attachment, you are selecting the powerful all-in-one solution for pipe handling on a large scale like no other.

The unique design of the UIS Power Handler™ gives the operator total control of the pipe from the comfort of the excavator cab. With the capability to rotate the pipe 360° the UIS Power Handler™ offers control to the operator like no other product when handling and lowering pipes safely into open trenches. 

The UIS Power Handler™ removes the need for operatives to manually rotate or to come in proximity of the large pipes making it safer than any other method when it comes to Pipe Handling.

Power Handler Sizes Between:

1 +

UIS Power Handler™


  • Removes operator risk
  • On Site time savings reducing overall project timeframes
  • Reduces manpower required on site
  • Reduces manual handling of attaching and unhooking slings and cradles
  • Encapsulates the pipe which removes the risk of pipe swinging in adverse weather conditions
  • Hydraulic check valves fitted as standard for added safety
  • All lifting, manoeuvring operations controlled from the safety of the Excavator Cab
  • Capable to withstand even the toughest pipe-laying / handling environments
  • Full Automated 360° Rotation which gives added control and stability of the pipe
  • A Safer and more controlled method instead of using a sideboom and pipe slings/cradles
  • Lift Capacity - 8 Tons
  • Can be made to fit all Excavator Hitches
  • Can be used to accurately align pipes in preparation for connections
  • Simple to use and low maintenance
  • Requires no increase in the footprint of trench size
The Power Handler should be mandatory for every site. We saved so much time on the project, we completed ahead of schedule thanks to the Power Handler. The safest way to handle large diameter pipe.
The Power Handler allows us to handle the Pipe Safely even during the toughest weather conditions. Normally we have to stop work during strong winds with the Power Handler it allowed us to continue working