Protection from surface scarring, gouging & damage caused by materials, excavators and grab-wagons

A unique, cost effective and innovative solution, UIS GPS™
provides quick and easy site surface protection for all excavation and ground works operations.

UIS Ltd are proud to present an exciting new product UIS GPS™ ground protective sheeting. A fresh and visionary approach to site surface protection, utilising GPS™, contractors can benefit from huge cost savings by avoiding financial penalties caused by site damages, extra labour & material costs incurred in repairs and possible missed project deadlines.

Made from tough, specialist recycled anti-slip Polypropylene, UIS GPS™ provides full protection against surface damage caused by dig spoil, excavators, grab-wagons and other site traffic. GPS™ ground protective sheeting is robust, reusable, hard-wearing, designed to withstand harsh conditions and will not rot. Using UIS GPS™ contractors can create safe, convenient areas where excavated materials can be stored until collected.


• Protects from marking, staining and wearing of site surface areas
• Proven commercial cost savings created by consequential damage and repair
• Tough, durable and reusable
• Can be used to create safe designated areas for waste materials collection
• Improved housekeeping and customer impact
• Easily cleaned resistant to oil and other substances
• Robust and rot proof, built to withstand harsh environments and conditions
• 100% Recycled, anti-slip polypropylene
• Easy to use, no setup or installation time required

Sizes Available:

• 2350mm x 1220mm
• Weight 23.4 kgs