UIS Ductile Cutter™

Battery powered tool for the SAFE, FAST & EFFICIENT removal of Ductile Iron Pipes

Safe and fast, UIS Ductile Cutter is the unique new, quick cost effective alternative solution for the removal of ductile iron and steel pipes

Powered by the unique portable battery powered hydraulic power pack, the UIS Ductile cutter offers users a fully automated, flexible controlled method to cutting out Ductile Iron pipes. The UIS Ductile cutter is a hand held easy manoeuvrable product which is controlled by the simple click of a switch. With no extensive operator training and reduced risk of damage to other utilities.


  • Designed for the application of removing Ductile Iron & Steel Pipes 
  • Lightweight, portable design for dealing with ergonomic constrains
  •  Operated by accurate solenoid remote control for precise control
  • Electronic display to monitor applied pressure 
  • Safer & Faster than the conventional cutting tools currently on the market
  • Simple Installation Ready to operate in under 2 minutes
  • Average Cut out time of a service excavation – 5 minutes
  • Can be operated from outside of the excavation using the remote control switch

Sizes Available

  • 3”
  • 4”
  • Larger model in design