Excavator Attachment for safe containment and removal of site spoil

A unique new and innovative approach to the way site spoil is handled throughout the utilities and groundworks sectors.

UIS Ltd are proud to present DST™ dig-skip-tip. A new, exciting and innovative product for utilities and groundworks operations, DST™ provides fresh approach to the way normal digging operations are carried out by removing the need for excavated material to be tipped and stored around the dig site during works.

Quick and easy to attach, DST™ fits all mini-excavators, requires no extensive user training and can be easily operated by one man. DST™ dig-skip-tip, features an all terrain wheel system allowing access to even the most difficult of site areas. Utilising DST™ site spoil is immediately & safely contained and then removed from the dig site, keeping surrounding areas clean and fully operational without the need for heavy manual barrowing in tight spaces, reducing the risk of slips, falls or other accidents.


• Simple, safe, clean way to remove excavated materials
• Saves on manual labour, removes the need for heavy barrowing in tight spaces
• Universal design will quickly attach to all mini excavators
• Simple one man operation, removes need for double handling of spoil
• Helps contractors conform to Hauc & New Road and Street Works Act legislation
• Proven to improve relationships with care conscious clients such as local councils
• Improves public relations with customers / local businesses / residents
• Can be used in conjunction with road & footway protection boards, templates or bag systems
• Provides huge savings on consequential site damages
• Robust, hardwearing design, built to withstand harsh working environments and conditions
• Ideal for re-instatement works within private contracts (no bags or spoil left onsite)
• Customer friendly whilst working on private property

Sizes Available:

• 1.5 Tonne
• Capacity 750kg load
• Bespoke Models may be designed to requirements