Battery powered pipe cutting tool for all metallic pipes.

Clean and controlled, UIS Clean Cut™ provides fast, clean effective cutting for utility replacement projects.

UIS Clean Cut™ has been designed to carry out safe, cost effective cutting operations on all kinds of
metallic utility pipes on-site.

Superbly flexible UIS Clean Cut™ is unique within the utilities sector, handling large and small scale
Gas & Water mains replacement projects with ease.

UIS Clean Cut™ is easy to use, requiring no extensive operator training. With a flick of a switch Clean Cut™
is Powered by the unique UIS portable hydraulic battery power pack. Completely operated from outside the
excavation , Clean Cut™ removes operator risk and provides a quick, safe, “clean cut” which allows immediate
connections and effective sealing of annulus on live & dead insertion projects.


• No physical force required
• No heavy manual handling, one man operation
• Set pressures via UIS power pack
• Cut completed safely from outside of the excavation
• Allows for a quick and clean cut immediate connection, allows sealing of annulus on
live and dead insertion projects.
• Full engineering compliance and low maintenance
• Fast operation suited for insertion projects

Sizes Available:

• Accommodates diameters from – 2” to 6”