Power Push.

The pipe pusher from UIS that's redefining how pipe is handled and inserted.


A faster, safer, and more efficient approach to pipe pushing and insertion.

Traditionally, pipe and cable handling, removal, and insertion means delays, safety concerns, and inefficiencies within the utilities sector.

Say goodbye to these challenges with the UIS Power Push™ pipe pushing excavator attachment – a unique, fast, and safe solution that is changing the game.

This revolutionary tool offers a faster, safer, and more compliant approach to inserting new PE pipe and cable, approved for both live and dead insertions. Let's explore how Power Push™ is transforming the way we handle, insert and push pipes and cables in utilities.


Why choose Power Push as your pipe pusher?

Power Push™ is not just a pipe pushing tool; it's a revolution in pipe and cable handling for the utilities sector.

From its fully automated operation to its compatibility with various excavators and versatile applications, Power Push™ sets a new standard for efficiency and safety.

Power Push™ is easily attached to the excavator arm with minimal operator contact, removing the risk of injuries which may occur during manual projects. Once attached, Power Push is fully operated and controlled from the safety of the excavator cab.

The Power Push™ excavator attachment is compatible for use with the majority of excavators from 1.5T up to 25T and can also be used for slip lining / manoeuvring & re-rounding PE pipe of diameters up to 900mm.

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Fast. Safe. Compliant:

The Power Push™ pipe pusher is not just an excavator attachment; it's a comprehensive solution for faster, safer, and more compliant pipe and cable insertion. Approved for operation on both live and dead insertions, it streamlines the process while prioritizing safety and compliance.

Operator Safety:

Manual projects often pose risks of injuries to operators. Power Push™ eliminates this risk by minimizing operator contact during attachment. Once attached, the entire operation is controlled from the safety of the excavator cab, ensuring a secure and injury-free process to pipe pushing.

Compatibility & Versatility:

Designed for efficiency, Power Push™ is compatible with a wide range of excavators, ranging from 1.5T up to 25T. Its versatility extends to slip lining, maneuvering, and re-rounding PE pipes with diameters of up to 900mm. This adaptability makes Power Push™ a go-to solution for various utilities projects.

Fully Automated Operation:

Enjoy the ease of fully automated operation with Power Push™. Once attached to the excavator arm, our pipe pusher can be controlled entirely from the cab, reducing the need for manual intervention. This not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual handling.

Lightweight & Portable:

Power Push™ is engineered for convenience. Its lightweight and portable design make installation and operation hassle-free. No need for extensive setups or heavy equipment – Power Push™ brings convenience to the forefront of pipe and cable handling.

Reducing Manual Handling:

Say goodbye to the labour-intensive manual handling of pipes and cables. Power Push™ significantly reduces manual handling, improving efficiency and reducing the physical strain on operators. This reduction in manual labour contributes to a smoother and more streamlined workflow.

Reversible Action For Obstruction:

In case of unexpected obstructions, Power Push™ offers a reversible action, providing an added layer of control and flexibility. This feature ensures that the operator of this pipe pusher can adapt to challenges, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

Choosing the pipe pusher that matches your needs.

Height 420mm
Length 310mm
Width 335mm
Weight 46kg
Jaw Opening Width 100mm
Recommended Working Pressure Max 200 bar
Recommended Excavator Size Up to 3 tonne
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