Mini Excavator Attachment for damage free digging operations

UIS DBP™ digger blade protector provides a unique and innovative improvement to standard digging techniques.

UIS Ltd are proud to present the UIS DBP™ digger blade protector. Simple to attach to the majority of
mechanical mini-excavators and requiring no extensive training to use, DBP™ provides full protection from
damage to surface areas during all digging operations.

Utilising DBP™ contractors can benefit from huge cost savings by avoiding financial penalties caused by site
damages, extra labour & material costs incurred in repairs and possible missed project deadlines.

UIS DBP™ is simple and innovative in design with features allowing operatives to quickly attach to most digger
blades. Robust and able to withstand harsh environments, DBP™ removes the possibility surface rubbing &
gouging helping contractors to better conform to new Hauc & Road and street works act legislation.


• Simple and easy to install
• Requires no extensive training to operate
• Removes the possibility of steel blade rubbing or gouging surfaces
• Helps contractors conform to Hauc & New Road and Street Works Act legislation
• Proven commercial cost savings created by consequential damage and repair
• Proven to improve relationships with care conscious clients such as local councils
• Improves public relations with customers / local businesses / residents
• Robust, hard-wearing design, built to withstand harsh working environments and conditions

Sizes Available:

• 1.5 Tonne
• 3 Tonne
• Bespoke Models may be designed to requirements