UIS Transmatic Coiled Pipe Pusing

UIS Transmatic Coiled Pipe Pusing

UIS are proud to announce and introduce the latest in the line of innovative products for the utilities industry. Introducing the UIS Transmatic™, the first coil trailer to fully incorporate pipe pushing technology, we have designed a product which improves safety, productivity, efficient flexibility and sustainability.

UIS Transmatic

Designed to ensure a compliant and controlled dispensing operation of coiled P.E. pipes at all times. Designed to be strong and robust to cope with site conditions, yet easily manoeuvrable, the UIS Transmatic™ can safely transport coils up to 500 meters in length.

The addition of the Power Push'" Pipe Pusher also allows you to safely control the coil dispensing process and insert into the new host main all in one operation. In addition to the insertion, the Transmatic'" fitted with the Power Push'" Pipe Pusher technology can also safely retract part coils for re-use of coils on other projects. This technology and methodology is a first of its kind in the utilities industry, further enhancing UIS reputation as the leading specialist of cutting-edge trenchless technology techniques.

One of the major additions we have included is the use of hydraulics throughout the UIS Transmatic'".

We have reduced the amount of manual handling and risks associated with working within a confined space (e.g. any reason for a person to enter inside of the trailer), and by adding a hydraulic power pack, we have reduced this significantly. The hydraulic power pack operates key features such as the Pipe Side Press, Coil End Restraint I Re-coiler & the Hydraulic Pipe Bed.

Key improvements on UIS Transmatic to common coil trailers include:

• Pipe Side Press
• Hydraulic Pipe Bed
• Coil End Restraint & Re-coiler
• Electric Loading Winch
• Audible Side Entry Gates
• Plastic Coil Support Rollers
• Enclosed Auto-feed Plastic Chute
• Travelator

• Power Push'" Pipe Pusher Technology
• Hydraulic Operating Levers
• Hydraulic Drop Support Legs
• Enclosed Working Platform
• High Quality Design
• Driving Compliance
• Storage Boxes
• Quick Release Rear Gate


Features of the UIS Transmatic (Coiled Pipe Pushing Trailer)

  • Controlled operation of pushing I inserting activities with no access into excavations.
  • Completed from ground level reducing interference with other utilities and apparatus.
  • Trailer and operating parts 100% guarded with warning system to reduce operative contact with the
  • Replaces the need for excavators or static pushing devices that could significantly reduce hire costs,
  • improve safety of the operation, reduce fuel usage, and reduce the need for additional security or towing to and from site.
  • Reduces the set up time for insertion, the trailer can be positioned and ready to insert pipe in under a minute.
  • Reduces amount of labour and equipment required to complete insertion activities.
  • The trailer is self-anchored and does not require to be connected to another vehicle.
  • Suitable access to the trailer for safe cutting of bands to the coil.
  • Capable to reverse the pushing action to re-coil the pipe for further future use or re-use on another project.
Transmatic Chart

Sizes Available:

25mm model

180mm model

Bespoke models available, designed to accommodate specialist requirements.