UIS Squeeze Off

UIS Squeeze Off 2017

UIS Ltd are proud to present the Squeeze Off. Utilizing both the Click Stick and the Hydraulic Battery-operated pump UIS have designed a Squeeze Off tool which can be simply attached to the Click Stick Frame to offer the operator full safe and compliant squeeze off capabilities.

After researching the current equipment on the market, there seems to be a lack of hydraulic products which use a battery-operated, hand-held solutions for use on the smaller diameter ranges (i.e. coil trailer sized pipe 63, 75, 90, 125, 140, 160, 180mm). There are only small manual applications available, which seem to be restricting, very time-consuming, and outdated. Here at UIS Ltd, we have designed a mechanical hydraulic solution which is used as a Squeeze Off.

Utilizing the Standard 2”-6” Click Stick Frame for 63mm-90mm and the 6”-8” for 125mm-180mm.

The UIS Squeeze Off is easy to use, less time-consuming, and is more controlled with the use of the UIS Hydraulic Portable Power Pack, utilizing the accurate micro switch technology. There are currently two sizes: 63-90mm and 125-180mm.


  • Quality / Compliance – Complete Squeeze Off using a mechanical Power Pack
  • More accurate and precise than hand tightened models
  • Can be linked to a conformance document process
  • No manual handling, complete outside of excavation used via Remote micro-switch Control
  • Apply and set control pressures, Easy and user-friendly design
  • Flexibility – Utilization of the Power Pack alongside other UIS products and equipment
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
UIS Squeeze Off