UIS Dig Skip Tip

UIS Pipe Handler

Changing the way large pipe and ductings are handled on- and off-site, the UIS Pipe Handler is a safer and more compliant way of handling large quantities of pipe and ductings. With the UIS Pipe Handler excavator attachment, you are selecting the powerful all-in-one solution for pipe handling and pipe pushing on a large scale.

Example of Client Savings:

Through 2 high profile schemes completed on the @One Alliance for Balfour Beatty plc, the client used fewer materials, spent less time on site and reduced waste, all via the use of the UIS Pipe Handlerâ„¢.

This was achieved because we were able to insert the new mains through the host main in one action, reducing the need for additional launch pits, which resulted in no loss of crops or low yield of crops for the next few years, reducing costs for all parties involved.

One scheme was completed within 2 days (640.0 meters), the other within 4 days (1150.0 meters), significantly quicker than the traditional slip lining and winching method, saving time and labour on this scheme.

Sizes Available:

250 > 500 Double Ram
300 > 600 Double Ram
Bespoke models available, designed to accommodate clients specialist requirements.

UIS Dig Skip Tip


  • Quick and simple installation and mounting of attachment - 2 minutes to start any operation.
  • Durable, robust and made to withstand harsh environments and conditions.
  • Faster and more convenient way of dead / live insertion.
  • Long sections can be inserted in one operation from the one static location, thus reducing excavations and less surface disruption, costs and labour.
  • Can be utilised to align pipe / ducting in preparation for connections.
  • Avoids the risk of stretching and exceeding the tensile loading of P.E. pipe caused when winching.
  • No need for hazardous winching operations, cobra or additional towing to site.
  • Environmental friendly product in comparison to using a winch - savings on fuel from reduced towing activities, reduced carbon footprint / emissions from running another engine based product on site.
  • Action can be reversed to pull pack back if an obstruction is met, not possible with other available insertion methods.
  • Shim inserts are manufactured, tested and fitted in-house in order to accommodate an extensive range of pipe diameters, giving the client the best possible gripping and releasing system available across the pipe pushing market.
  • Simple to operate - no special labour required.