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UIS Pipe Entry Guide

Pipe Entry Guide

Depending on how the existing main has been exposed and broken open, a common occurrence during pipe insertion is that the edges to the old main can catch the new P.E. main liner upon entry, leaving scratches, gauges or holes in the new pipe. UIS has designed a product which eradicates this known as the UIS Pipe Entry Guide™.

A simple solution, the UIS Pipe Entry Guide™ is a low-cost, lightweight and easy fit protective collar which is bolted onto the host main where it has been broken open or cut. The Pipe Entry Guide is designed to create a smooth entry point for the new P.E main to pass through. Featuring a tapered front end, this solution helps solve the problems incurred while inserting P.E. pipe into existing cast, spun, ductile iron or steel mains.

The UIS Pipe Entry Guide™ is produced from recycled plastic and is available in all commonly utilised diameters that enables a safer, more compliant and fluent insertion operation to be undertaken, whilst also preventing the new main from being damaged upon insertion.

UIS Pipe Entry Guide


  • It can be installed onto the existing host main within 2 minutes,
  • It is a low cost and very effective product
  • It is a simple design that is simple to install with no special training requirements.
  • It is manufactured from recycled plastics.
  • It is a sustainable product that reduces overall P.E. wastage and associated site time.
  • It significantly reduces damage to the inserted pipe by reducing friction against and interaction with the host main and ensures the cleanliness of the pipe.
  • It can be utilised with and have some beneficial effects with traditional winching activities.
  • It makes sure no damage occurs to the new P.E. main whilst it is being inserted, and also makes the insertion process smoother and simpler.
  • It ensures conformance with relevant gas and water bodies current codes of practice.