UIS PE Pipe reeling unit

UIS PE Pipe Reeling Unit

Historically there has been significant wastage of PE coiled pipe in the replacement of metallic gas / water mains in the UK over the past 25 years. Waste PE pipe costs a substantial amount of money which has predominantly been because of engineering restrictions and exploitation of a free issue system. Over more recent times, Gas transporters and networks have carefully studied and monitored pipe wastage and have embarked on numerous schemes to re-use and recycle PE pipe to reduce waste figures and become more efficient.

Reducing and re-using pipes is a respectable approach, but there is still added cost of the processes for these both financially and at the cost to the environment.

At UIS we have focused on the elimination of waste pipe to enable the most effective management of gas / water mains replacement schemes.

Introducing the UIS PE Pipe Reeling Unit, a portable utility innovation that allows users the flexibility of safely coiling and re-coiling pipe to suit project requirements

PE Pipe Reeling Unit


  • Coil custom made lengths of pipe
  • Re-coil part used coils
  • Safely store large coils of pipe
  • Reduce the need for manual handling of pipe
  • Eliminate / Reduce pipe wastage
  • Reducing time and pipe usage
  • Capable of retracting damaged pipe already inserted
  • Safety – automated recoil process with al associated safety guards and features
  • Can be utilised and stationed in depots or sites
  • Capable of being used with existing pushing technology / Power Push for full automation
  • Static or portable options available