UIS Ground Protective Sheet

Protection from surface scarring, gouging & damage caused by materials, excavators and grab-wagons

A unique, cost effective and innovative solution, UIS GPS™ provides quick and easy site surface protection for all excavation and ground works operations.

UIS Ltd are proud to present an exciting new product UIS GPS™ ground protective sheeting. A fresh and
visionary approach to site surface protection, utilising GPS™, contractors can benefit from huge cost savings by
avoiding financial penalties caused by site damages, extra labour & material costs incurred in repairs and possible
missed project deadlines.
Made from tough, specialist recycled anti-slip Polypropylene, UIS GPS™ provides full protection against surface
damage caused by dig spoil, excavators, grab-wagons and other site traffic. GPS™ ground protective sheeting
is robust, reusable, hardwearing, designed to withstand harsh conditions and will not rot. Using UIS GPS™
contractors can create safe, convenient areas where excavated materials can be stored until collected.


• Protects from marking, staining and wearing of site surface areas
• Proven commercial cost savings created by consequential damage and repair
• Tough, durable and reusable
• Can be used to create safe designated areas for waste materials collection
• Improved housekeeping and customer impact
• Easily cleaned resistant to oil and other substances
• Robust and rot proof, built to withstand harsh environments and conditions
• 100% Recycled, anti-slip polypropylene
• Easy to use, no setup or installation time required

Sizes Available:

• 2350mm x 1220mm
• Weight 23.4 kgs


We have used the ground protective sheeting over a number of weeks now, and have found it to be incredibly strong, but also lightweight, easy to use and simple to install by hand without the need of lifting equipment.

We have found that is has reduced marking, staining and or damage to top surfaces that we have used it on, especially tarmac where we use grab wagons to remove the spoil, this has seen a 70% reduction in council defect notices.  As a result, we have seen commercial savings that out ways the cost of the product.

The staff have commented about how easy it is to install, clean and transportable.  They have also had very positive feedback from our customers with regards to less damage, and quicker recovery of their grass when used in gardens.  We have also had good feedback from our client as they have had fewer customer complaints.

In closing I have found the product extremely robust and hard wearing, and more suitable than other ground protection materials that we have used in the past.

Keith Craven | HSEQ Manager