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UIS Coil Tec

UIS Coil Tec

Changing the way pipes and cables are inserted throughout the rural utilities sector. The UIS Coil Tec excavator attachment offers an alternative to the traditional pipe coil trailer.

By simply attaching the Coil Tec to the excavator arm you take away the manual handling and injury risks associated with coiled pipe trailers.

The Coil Tec is compatible for the use with the large majority of 5T to 20T excavators and can also be adapted to suit larger excavator size requirements. The Coil Tec can be used to accommodate any sized coil diameters from 50mm up to 180mm coils.

UIS Coil Tec


  • Quick and simple installation and mounting of attachment
  • Durable & robust, designed to withstand harsh environments and conditions
  • Faster, Safer and more convenient way of transporting coiled pipe across rural terrain
  • No towing issues / 6 week inspection procedures
  • Can be transported to and from site in the back of a van
  • Quick and easy interchange of coil diameters from 50mm – 180mm / one product covers all sizes
  • Simple to operate – no special labour required